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Discover the astounding underwater worlds of the Reiman Wie groß sollte ein Aquarium sein. Discover strange, beautiful, and fascinating creatures from world wide, including the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the rivers of the Amazon Basin, African Rift Lakes, and proper here in the nice Lakes. Pet stingrays and sturgeon. Meet adorable turtles, a ball python, poison dart frogs, and so far more.

But being amongst essentially the most stunning fish, comes with a value: they not often get together with others. Often, Bettas hardly get along with one another. Due to this, including other species to the tank must be done rigorously. Some good tank mates could be the Black Tetras, Catfish, Croacking Gouramis, Rasboras and Poecilias.

Almost every month on social media or the forums I see someone who forgot to turn off their RO/DI unit and it overflowed their bin/container and flooded the ground. For some, they catch it early and it’s not an excessive amount of clear up, but others have left it overnight and woken up to a swimming pool in their house!