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21. Aims OF THE Research:  To review the influence of micro finance in empowering the social economic status of girls and developing of social entrepreneurship.  To know about relationship between SHG’s members, micro finance banks and entrepreneur’s ladies.  To clarify the limitation of microfinance programmes because the device for women’s empowerment and the type of support service vital to maximize the contribution of microfinance service.  To study potential hurdles in the event of girls entrepreneurship

— Firstly, when the poor or unemployed persons are given the microloan, the curiosity fee is not the number one concern for ソフト闇金バルーン them. It’s because to begin with, the interest price is a straightforward interest charge. So irrespective of how high it turns into, it doesn’t concern them.

— Secondly, the microloan must be paid off within a short period of time, round 30 weeks. Consequently, the curiosity rate doesn’t develop into a huge amount. For example, if $10,000 must be paid off within 20 years and the interest price is round 30%; the curiosity could be havoc (i.e. $60,000 in easy curiosity). But when the duration is 30 weeks, the curiosity would be meager (i.e. $625 in easy interest).

Now let’s perceive why the interest charges for microfinance loans are so excessive.

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