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European Fee Mandates LTE And WiMAX On 900Mhz And 1800MHz Bands For 2022

Shade us tickled, but the European Commission has revised its technical guidelines for the use of 900MHz and 1800MHz spectrums, compelling member states to make room for LTE and WiMAX service by December 31, 2011. As a aim, the EU hopes to provide broadband to all rural Europeans by 2013, and foresees 4G sign on the long-vary 900MHz spectrum as the answer. The Commission additionally released guidelines to ensure UMTS, LTE and WiMAX will co-exist on the 1800MHz spectrum — a call that lays the groundwork for international LTE roaming. Now, how about some mandates on those outrageous worldwide roaming costs? Try the main points within the press release after the break.

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