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Once the toy trade had formed its symbiotic partnership with the Tv industry, there was no turning again. The connection actually found its toes throughout the 1980s when the toy firms themselves funded cartoons and comics with the intention to create a market for toys. One such product line was the phenomenally successful Transformers range of toys, tied seamlessly in with a variety of comics and long-operating animation collection.

In some embodiments, the number of the semiconductor chips 401 is more than one, and the semiconductor chips are product of either energetic parts or passive parts. The lively components can be one among a energy administration circuit, a transmitting circuit, and a receiving circuit. The passive components can be considered one of resistance, упаковка для плавленных сыров capacitance and inductance. In some embodiments, all passive components and energetic elements are encapsulated in one packaging unit. In some embodiments, each passive elements and active elements are placed on one wafer.